We love to realize an idea creatively - no matter if it is a product, a service, a person or a vision. Our preferred medium: animation. Animations combine good storytelling, design, illustration and music to individual works that leave an impression.

  • Der Österreichische Behindertensportverband

    This animation for the ÖBSV presents the tasks and structure of the association and is intended to motivate and support people with disabilities for sport and to draw their attention to the services
  • Did you know?
    Erste Bank

    A compilation of some animations from the "food facts" series for Erste Bank. Produced together with Paul Leichtfried (Creative Direction) and Svenja Plaas (Illustration), the films deal with
  • Mobilitätsmanager
    Energie Steiermark AG

    Reduced to the essentials both graphically and in terms of content, this animation describes what makes the mobility manager of Austrian energy provider Energie Steiermark
  • SHOWREEL 2018

    Warning! Graz is under attack by an evil alien robot! Our new showreel, finely packaged in a tribute to 70s trash films. Inspired by good bad movies like "Roboter der Sterne", "Power Rangers" and the
    Erste Bank / Paul Leichtfried

    Situated at the main entrance of the First Campus in Vienna, the LED Wall of Erste Bank serves as an interaction between customers, employees and visitors. Together with Paul Leichtfried we produced
  • Alice im Wunderland
    Philharmonie Luxembourg

    The interactive stage design animations we produced formed the background and the visual framework for a music theatre at the Philharmonie Luxembourg. The aesthetic line and colouring was developed
  • KNAPP Customer Service

    What benefits does the International Customer Service of KNAPP AG offer? This short animated explainer is dedicated to this question and describes all services, from telephone support to on-site
  • homee
    Energie Steiermark AG

    homee is a modular wireless station that makes it possible to communicate with intelligent devices - a well thought-out smart home system. For the launch we produced an animation where 3D assets in
  • TENZ
    TENZ GmbH

    The TENZ Low-Energy Screw - a revolution in the wood screw market - asked us for an appealing, high-quality image film. Together with Moodley and Christopher Frank we produced a 3D animation showing
  • Smart Metering
    Energienetze Steiermark GmbH

    In the course of the "Smart Metering" campaign, Energienetze Steiermark informed us about the upcoming conversion to smart electricity meters - and commissioned us with the creation of several
  • Die Tüftelgenies
    The Children’s Museum FRida & freD

    The video provides an insight into our works for the exhibition "Tüftelgenies" of the FRida & freD Children's Museum in Graz. For several months we designed and produced all the illustrations
  • Frooti Instagram Videos
    Sagmeister & Walsh

    New York design agency Sagmeister & Walsh approached us with the task of creating several short films for the Instagram-account of one of their clients. After the concept and with the photos of
  • Showreel 2016

    Also in 2016, we packed our showreel into a nice short story. Loosely connected to last year's showreel, the setting that time was a post-apocalyptic world with the moon destroyed and the last
  • Festtagsgrüße

    With a lot of imagination and a little Christmas magic we brought the warehouse logistics of KNAPP AG to life with this 2D animation. Ho ho
  • Klimaversum
    The Children's Museum FRida & freD

    An animation that introduced the complex topic of climate at the exhibition "Klimaversum" of the children's museum FRida & freD in Graz. The special thing about it: The film was shown as a 4D
  • Neue Zeitkultur
    EU LEADER-Region Oststeirisches Kernland

    The „Initiative für Neue Zeitkultur“ (initiative for New Contemporary Culture) provides cultural impetus in the eastern Styrian heartland, but is repeatedly confronted with the problem that the
  • Showreel 2015

    An undercover handover between secret agents takes place in a retrofuturistic atmosphere. 80‘s flair, a fog machine in continuous use, a DeLorean (yes: a DELOREAN) and an enchanting femme fatale
  • BSVÖ Imageanimation

    The Austrian association for the blind and visually impaired (BSVÖ) asked us to pack their extensive range of services into a small, entertaining animation. Since we value nonprofit organisations,
  • Mocking Bot

    In the course of a photography project by Marion Luttenberger we built a likeable little robot named „Mocking Bot“. The Mocking Bot is a small autonomous robot, which tries to reproduce
  • Enhanced Power Pilot Line
    CTR / infineon

    With the animation for the Enhanced Power Pilot Line - a transnational EU project to strengthen Europe's position in global semiconductor production - we have made it our task to tell a simple story
  • Remus Screen Design
    Remus Innovation GmbH

    In the course of their extended online presence, especially on YouTube, Remus Sportexhaust asked us to create a screen design in keeping with the company's image. We orientated ourselves on the
  • Metamorphosis
    voestalpine Böhler Edelstahl GmbH & Co KG

    In an empty room, stainless steel emerges, flows, dances and forms into a wide variety of shapes. With this constant process of change we wanted to present the flexibility and the high quality of
  • B-Roll

    "B-ROLL" is a series of short, reduced animation clips that show an alternative view of film scenes that inspire, motivate, or for some reason just stuck in our heads. They started as a small
  • Hotel der Zukunft
    Zukunftsinstitut GmbH

    Several animations for the WKO project "Hotel of the Future" were created in cooperation with the Zukunftsinstitut Österreich. The films try to answer questions about the hotels of tomorrow.
  • Architektierisch
    The Children's Museum FRida & freD

    How animals and humans build their houses and where the differences and similarities lie: In the exhibition „Architectural“ of the Children's Museum FRida & freD in Graz this topic was
  • VSV Derby Stadionspot
    EC VSV

    When the Villach ice hockey club EC VSV meets the Klagenfurt KAC, it's a rumble. To put this energy into a short animation for the stadium, we were inspired by the cartoons and animes from our