Gernot Stefl
Concept, communication

The "company dad" ensures that projects come to an end. And a start. And don't get lost in the middle of it. In short: Without Gernot there would be chaos. I'm sure you've heard of him, at least after you've called us.
Sometimes Gernot annoys us on Monday mornings - in a by far too good mood - with new concepts that came to his mind on some mountain at the weekend.

Benjamin Hable
Animation, VFX

Ben's taste in music stopped developing sometime in the late 80s (which he also claims of the music). If there's a party going on somewhere, or if it's about excessive networking, you can be sure he's sitting at home running a round of Dungeons & Dragons.

If Ben can't move the same pixel back and forth on the screen for an hour or so, he gets out of blance. But the animation at the end is really nice.

Michael Frager
3D, illustration

Michi can do anything that involves drawing. Illustrations for animations? Yes, he can. Storyboards? Check. Scribbles, doodles, watercolour, brush, pencil, cubism, rococo, pop art? Certainly! He's dangerously fast with that pen. So quickly that you immediately find a doodle in your notebook if you're not careful for a moment.

Fun fact: Michi is responsible for the 3D work, but can't watch 3D movies in the cinema.

Martin Wunderl
Illustration, animation

Martin already impressed us during his internship with his detailed illustrations and his interest in animations of all kinds. That's why we kept him right away. He loves frame-by-frame animation and playful illustrations with the pinch of humour that makes him such a good fit for us.

Whether he's playing his piano or wielding his drawing pencil, he does it with talent and enthusiasm, and often until he falls wearily from his chair.